Philippines: The Biggest Impacts of IoT on the Filipino People

Philippines: The Biggest Impacts of IoT on the Filipino People

by April 14, 2017

Statistic says that there are 38 million Filipinos who use the internet in sharing information and communicating with each other. And in today’s world where everything is almost connected online, the Internet of Things is the ‘next big thing’ in the world of innovation. Simply put, people will have an internet not only for computers and mobile devices, but also of things.

By 2020, it is expected that there would be more 40 to 50 billion internet users. And majority of these are from devices that we use today including smartphones and tables. However, more physical innovations will likely come to the scene to capture data, transmit information, and analyze details for better decision-making.

IoT in the Philippines

IoT ranked as the #1 technology that the Filipino youth expect to create the biggest impact in their lives. Recently, the integration of data, cloud, and power devices has allowed bold visions on how the Internet of Things can be a cohesive part of the digital future.
The Internet of Things have a great impact on the different aspects of the Filipinos, including wearable, vehicles, home appliances, and sensors. According to the latest survey, there are three situations that the Filipino youth expect the biggest impacts on their lives.

  1. Traffic systems that are capable of adjusting in real-time to mitigate road conditions
  2. Smart homes where major appliances can digitally talk to other systems,
  3. Buildings that can enhance energy consumption based on the number of occupants and weather changes.

Furthermore, the survey found that the Filipino youth are looking forward to more breakthroughs in IoT to help them increase their productivity, boost their physical and mental wellbeing, and facilitate the way they connect with other people. According to Joel Garcia, Director of Developer Evangelism at Microsoft Philippines, the Philippines will be a hotbed for the digital revolution in the world.

Internet of Things, along with other technologies including virtual/augmented reality, and next-generation computing systems, deliver incredible opportunities for Philippine organizations when it comes to digital transformation.

Digital Disruptions

Looking into the future, 6 out of 10 Filipino youth feel that their nation is not yet ready to acclimatize to digital disruptions. To address this issue, Filipinos believe that the top priority of the national government is to prepare and help students learn all the essential skills to leverage future innovations competently. Also, the Filipino people need sustainable infrastructure investment to ensure that everyone can access the internet wherever they are. Lastly, the Filipino youth encourages the government to create conductive business environments for startups.

Security and Privacy Issues

One of the main concerns of the youth in terms of IoT is security and privacy. However, it does not mean that they don’t trust the internet. As more innovations come to pervade our lives, the public of public and private organizations will play a crucial role in establishing a digital future where safety and privacy is no longer an issue.

Image: CC0 Pixabay