All the IoT News You Can’t Miss This Week

All the IoT News You Can’t Miss This Week

by November 9, 2017

Every week, we bring you the most important IoT news from Asia and around the world. This week, Stephen Hawking has joined in with the AI warnings and everyone is listening:

Stephen Hawking Sounds the Alarm on Artificial Intelligence –

Stephen Hawking Isn’t Sure Whether Artificial Intelligence Will End Poverty or Kill Us All –

Hawking tries hard — and fails — to be optimistic about AI –

In General:

Looking At IoT And Connected Products Across Three Dimensions –

IoT and the Cheerfully Oblivious Customer –

AI and Robotics:

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning | The Difference –

The development of artificial intelligence will never replace humans, according to an AI expert –

Elon Musk wants Silicon Valley to Proceed with Caution over AI –

What AI Means for Your Business and How It’s Changing Companies –

Artificial intelligence could help us eliminate human bias –

How Will Artificial intelligence Really impact Jobs? –

Humanoid robot market to double by 2023, industrial robotics to hit $72B –

These AI Hotshots Plan to Reboot Manufacturing by Jumping Inside Robots –

Artificial Intelligence ushers in the era of superhuman doctors –

AI and Robotics

Smart things:

Five essential steps to becoming a smart city –

Six people are injured when drone spins out of control and crashes into crowd during robotics showcase in Japan –

He hadn’t skied in 32 years. Then virtual reality pulled him out of his wheelchair –

Millions of Professional Drivers Will Be Replaced by Self-Driving Vehicles –

VirchyBike LITE Makes Indoor Bike Exercise More Fun Using VR –

Wearable fatigue monitoring devices competing with camera systems –

Week in wearable: Fitbit plans new smartwatches as we say bye bye to Doppler –

There are health-tracking wearables for babies, too –

4 IoT Devices That Are Perfect Christmas Gifts –


Lack of Trust in IoT Security Shows More Regulation Is Coming –

IoT Security: Does Such a Thing Exist? –

Achieving Stronger Security in Healthcare IT –