Powerray, World’s First Underwater Drone Launched in Singapore

Powerray, World’s First Underwater Drone Launched in Singapore

by January 31, 2018

Powervision Launches The World’s First Consumer Underwater Drone, Powerray In Singapore. PowerVision, a world leader in AI robotics and technology unveils the PowerRay, an innovative underwater robot with groundbreaking features to revolutionize recreational fishing enthusiasts and marine photography.

Going beyond the catch for fishermen and the casual hobbyist, the consumer underwater drone redefines the underwater and diving experience in enabling premium photography and videography with innovative functionalities.

As a financial hub and trusted gateway to the emerging Asian markets, PowerVision has strategically selected Singapore to lead the Southeast Asian release following the global launch of PowerRay in San Francisco (USA), Munich (Germany), Beijing (China) and Tokyo (Japan). Singapore is the fifth city to launch the world’s first underwater drone, followed by Hong Kong in March, as well as Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand in April.

PowerRay is the first consumer-level lifestyle underwater robot from PowerVision and was first unveiled at CES 2017 as one of a series of marine and aerial “Power” drones including the PowerEye, PowerEgg, and PowerDolphin. They have been well received by the media and consumers for its advanced product concept and functional advantages.

“When we first introduced PowerEgg and PowerEye, we told the world that we were not just another drone company,”

said Mr Wally Zheng, CEO of PowerVision.

“PowerRay showed our capabilities to drive innovation with a laser focus on consumer experience and artistic design that will exceed the expectations of our target consumers and lead the market of consumer robotics, changing the way people live, work, and have fun everyday.”

Perfect for photography and videography, the PowerRay is equipped with Ultra HD 95-degree wide-angle underwater camera, real-time 1080P transmission of underwater images and videos and supporting 4K 30 frame/s video recording and 5 images Fast Burst Shot with 12 million pixels.


The user-friendly robot responds to a controller, mobile app, phone or VR somatosensory operations, depending on the needs of different users and scenarios. Its military-grade sealed design allows it to stay 100% waterproof in depths up to 30 meters in both freshwater and saltwater environments. Lasting up to four hours with four operation modes, PowerRay offers varying configurations between two editions – the Explorer and the Wizard.


The PowerRay Explorer is ideal for underwater photography enthusiasts. Users have the option of adding the Power VR Goggle component from PowerVision & ZEISS for the PowerRay Wizard, for those who love and want to find experience the charm of seamless underwater navigation with the First Person View and VR Somatosensory Control for an immersive experience by controlling the robot with gravity sensors.

PowerSeeker, an intelligent fish finder from PowerVision, another component equipped in the PowerRay Wizard, can accurately detect the depth range of 40 meters with fish size and distribution information such as water temperature, depth and bottom terrain information to help users achieve visual fishing to enhance the experience of underwater entertainment activities.


The portable and streamlined PowerRay, which is shaped like a ray and weighs about 3.8 kg, is designed to fit like a medium-sized backpack. From 8 February onwards, the PowerRay Explorer (priced at SGD 2599) and the PowerRay Wizard (priced at SGD 3599) will be available at major retail outlets and shopping centres including Best Denki Singapore, Courts Singapore, Gain City, Harvey Norman Singapore, Mustafa, Sprint Cass Singapore (Changi Airport) and 12 more stores islandwide.