investfox: Now Bringing Transparency to the Singaporean FX Market

investfox: Now Bringing Transparency to the Singaporean FX Market

by August 31, 2023

investfox, a pioneering platform in the investment industry, has announced its expansion into the Singaporean market. The platform’s unique approach aims to revolutionize the way individuals assess investment products and opportunities, providing a trusted space for expert and user-generated reviews in Singapore and beyond.

With the present surge in online investment options geared toward retail investors, the lack of reliable reviews has been a persistent challenge for investors seeking transparency and guidance when selecting the perfect trading platform for them. Just as movie enthusiasts turn to IMDB for reviews before choosing a film, investfox is now bringing a comparable solution to the table for those making investment decisions.

Konstantin Rabin

Konstantin Rabin

“At investfox, our primary focus is to bring transparency to the investment industry,”

said Konstantin Rabin, the founder of investfox.

“Online information is going through a massive shift, with scams, fake reviews, and biased opinions having a stranglehold on the investment industry. Because we understand the critical importance of informed decision-making when it comes to investments, with our expansion into the Singaporean market, we’re excited to offer individuals in one of the world’s financial hubs a reliable source for investment reviews.”

Taking it to the next level

investfox employs a rigorous review and rating methodology, analyzing over 100 data points across 8 dimensions to ensure the credibility of broker rankings. This methodology underscores the platform’s commitment to delivering unbiased and accurate information to its users.

Over the past year, investfox also launched its platform in Thai, Malay, and Indonesian, to help prepare its move into the Asian market. One place where the company really shines though, is through the robust filter and sorting tools available on their Forex broker reviews page.

forex broker

These tools allow individuals to tailor their search based on specific criteria, enabling them to focus on reviews that align with their investment goals. By weeding out options that do not meet their requirements, users can efficiently navigate the platform in real-time, with filtered results being automatically updated; allowing anyone to identify investment avenues that best suit their needs.

As an example, choosing between a platform that offers MetaTrader 4 (MT4) or Oanda for currency trading, a user can now simply filter for each piece of software and see which trading platform comes with their preferred choice. The same can be done with licenses, tradable instruments, funding options, and leverage, helping people to make a comprehensive choice when it comes to picking their next FX broker.

The future

investfox’s expansion into the Singaporean market marks a significant step forward in democratizing investment insights and enhancing transparency across the board. As the platform continues to grow, the team strives to empower even more investors across the globe through well-researched reports, a well-stocked educational section, and their top-tier review system.

“We are currently working on even more language options for the platform to make it even more inclusive”,

said one of the investfox team members working on this expansion.

“Entering this new market is a great step for us as Singapore has become a hub for fintech innovation.”


investfox, founded in 2022, might be a new face on the investment scene, but it has already proven to be a trailblazing platform with a lot of passion. With their recent launch onto the Singaporean fintech scene, their dedication to bringing transparency and honesty to the investment industry looks all set to disrupt an unnecessarily convoluted market, bringing the most accurate information possible to every retail investor out there.


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