Episode Six Launches Business Now, Pay Later to Help Banks Meet SMEs’ Needs

Episode Six Launches Business Now, Pay Later to Help Banks Meet SMEs’ Needs

by September 14, 2023

Episode Six (E6), a global provider of payment processing and banking infrastructure, announced the launch of its ‘Business Now, Pay Later’ offering.

This solution enables commercial banks to offer installment loans to businesses at any point in their buying journey, helping them meet their working capital needs and improve cash flow.

The solution is designed to be customisable, allowing banks to tailor loan products to the specific needs of their customers based on clients’ needs and risk profiles.

Payments can be made through any method, whether real-time payments, ACH, wires, or cards, and repayment options vary based on each customer and is managed by the bank through simple configurations.

Business Now, Pay Later is built on E6’s flexible, cloud-native TRITIUM platform, which allows banks to launch the solution without disrupting their existing infrastructures.

John Mitchell

John Mitchell

“SMEs need flexible credit solutions and repayment options to thrive, and banks are best positioned to meet this need. We are helping banks do so by providing a turnkey solution to offer tailored installment products directly in their business banking channel.


With the power of modern payments technology, banks can delight their SME customers while simultaneously strengthening their balance sheet and creating new revenue streams, creating a win-win situation for all.”

said John Mitchell, CEO and Co-Founder of E6.

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