Endowus Partners with EQT to Expand Investor Access

Endowus Partners with EQT to Expand Investor Access

by October 4, 2023

Singapore’s digital wealth management platform, Endowus, has joined forces with EQT, a global private equity firm. This collaboration grants Endowus Private Wealth (EPW) clients in Singapore and Hong Kong access to a diversified portfolio of EQT funds through the Endowus platform.

This partnership signifies the digital wealth management platform’s commitment to providing individual investors greater access to private market opportunities, facilitating portfolio diversification. The platform aims to make institutional-grade investment solutions accessible to a broader audience by offering lower minimum investment thresholds and shorter lock-up periods.

The digital wealth management platform has witnessed significant growth, with the number of accredited investors on its Singapore platform nearly tripling since 2021. The platform manages approximately US$5 billion (SG$ 6.87 billion) in total assets. EPW clients already have access to various alternative investment strategies, including hedge funds, private equity, private credit, and private real estate.

EQT, a global private equity, adds to the list of respected fund managers on the Endowus platform. Founded in 1994, EQT manages over € 224 billion (SG$ 322 billion) in assets as of September 2023 and is a prominent investor in infrastructure, healthcare, and technology.

This collaboration aligns with Endowus’ mission to democratise access to global financial markets, enabling individual investors to benefit from institutional-grade investment strategies and opportunities.