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Cambodia Fintech Startup Report, Fintech Startup Map and Infographic

With some 25+ startups, Cambodia’s fintech startup landscape remains modest but is nevertheless growing steadily, according to a new report. Unsurprisingly, payment and remittance is the most crowded space with 16 startups. These include Wing, a mobile banking services provider

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Cambodia’s Fintech Industry Set to Thrive

Cambodia’s fintech ecosystem is more nascent than other markets in Southeast Asia and lagging behind the likes of Thailand and the Philippines. Yet, this landscape is quickly changing as engaged institutional partners are set to add to the pace of

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Cambodia Fintech: Leveraging Technology to Bank to Unbanked

With only 27% of Southeast Asia’s 600 million population having bank accounts, the region represents an untapped opportunity for fintech companies, in Cambodia these ventures that are leveraging technology to provide more efficient and cheaper banking and financial services. In

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