IoT News of the week

IoT News of the week

by October 19, 2017

Every week, we bring you the biggest IoT and Tech news from Asia and around the world.

This week, people are debating whether AI could spark a new religious movement, and Google pledges $1B into training people for the future job market.

God will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence as New Religion emerges –

Google Unveils Job Training Initiative With $1 Billion Pledge –

Smart Things:

The ‘internet of things’: what it is and why business is taking it seriously –

Samsung taps the Internet of Things to find your lost stuff –‘

Internet of Things: Giant Network of Clever ‘Talking’ Devices Becomes a Reality –

Over 60 Million People In The U.S. Will Use Voice-Enabled Assistants On A Monthly Basis This Year –


Exploring Virtual Reality for Empathy Training –

Why Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will be important for Your Business –

Portland augmented and virtual reality startup Torch 3D raises $3.5 million –

Oculus Chief Scientist Speaks about Virtual Reality in the Lab and on Your Face –

AI and Robotics:

Who’s Afraid Of AI? Senior Creatives, Mostly –

Artificial Intelligence and Speech Recognition for Chatbots: A Primer –

Humanizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Deep Learning –

Office Of The Future: Artificial Intelligence Powered By Trust –

Artificial Intelligence on your mobile: Does it really deserve the hype? –

AI Software will be helping the Los Angeles Police –

AI can revolutionize HR, but deploy with care –

How Close Are We To Creating Artificial Intelligence Robots Like Those In Movies? Experts Weigh In –

Virtual Reality Powered Robot Tele-Operation –

No Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Here: Behold A U.S. Vs. Japan Giant Robot Duel –


How AI can help you stay ahead of cybersecurity threats –

How to secure your IoT devices from botnets and other threats –

Deloitte hack hit server containing emails from across US government –

Hackers can hack your kid’s smartwatch and track their location –

Google and Apple yet to fix Wi-Fi hole in a billion devices –

What Would It Look Like If We Put Warnings on IoT Devices Like We Do Cigarette Packets? –