TabSquare Officially Launches New AI-Powered Kiosk in Hokkaido-Ya Restaurant, Singapore

TabSquare Officially Launches New AI-Powered Kiosk in Hokkaido-Ya Restaurant, Singapore

by July 25, 2018

TabSquare, the front-end automated solutions provider for the F&B industry have officially unveiled the brand new AI-Powered Kiosks at the Hokkaido-Ya Restaurant in VivoCity, Singapore.

With the soft launch that took place on June 14th, 2018, Hokkaido-Ya is Singapore’s first fast-casual, self-service restaurant to implement TabSquare’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled self-ordering kiosks while employing the quintessential Japanese competence through advanced, state of the art technology.

This historical moment will mark a new beginning in technological advancement for the nation’s food and beverage industry as it will be the first-ever kiosk restaurant in Singapore. The kiosks are powered by TabSquare’s advanced artificial intelligence engine, Aiden.

Our Smart solutions in a Square

Smart solutions in a Square

The aptly-named SmartKiosks from TabSquare, uses AI to identify customers as well as analyse guests’ dining patterns and preferences. This leads to a better understanding of guest behavior, remembering their likings and making personalised meal recommendations – just as a waiter would! As a first in the industry, Hokkaido-Ya together with TabSquare is set to raise the bar for exceptionally tailor-made meal experiences for diners in Singapore.

TabSquare is an innovative leader that develops exclusive AI-Powered technology that leverage rich consumer data and deep learning algorithms to provide an engaging dining experience for restaurant patrons while helping restaurateurs double their profitability.

The AI platform, Aiden, is the first of its kind Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine to control the power of big data to augment restaurant operations and returns. Guests interacting with TabSquare’s Smart solutions can now get highly personalised menu recommendations and promotions by simply entering their phone number or through a smart facial recognition option. The AI Engine enhances the guests’ dining journey by constantly learning and building their taste profiles and preferences.

As the co-founder of TabSquare, Anshul Gupta says,

Anshul Gupta

Anshul Gupta

“Every customer sees the same menu, gets the same recommendations, the same offers without any link to their own tastes, preferences and behaviours. TabSquare has built the AI capability in its products to change exactly that.

Imagine walking into a restaurant where it already knows what you like and presents to you a personalised menu just for you, with customised recommendations based on your tastes and preferences. It also offers personalised promotional items that the you as the customer would love”.

Since its soft launch, the restaurant has captured close to 90% of its sales from all transactions, over 25% higher average bill value from orders placed on the Point-Of-Sale System and almost 50% orders placed by customers registered. It was also discovered that more than 70% of returning customers select the personalised dishes that were recommended by TabSquare’s SmartKiosk.

The kiosk restaurant, Hokkaido-Ya, offers customers excellent quality Japanese fare at wallet-friendly prices. The passionate F&B team thoughtfully crafts each dish and meticulously sourced for premium and authentic ingredients such as: Hokkaido scallops (hotate), Japanese salmon roe (ikura), Hokkaido ramen noodles, and fresh Norwegian salmon.

If you’re looking for some quality time with friends, family, co-workers or a special someone indulging in delicious Japanese cuisine, look no further than Hokkaido-Ya and its one of a kind dining experience that simply should not be missed for anything in the world.