Temasek Trust, MAS Partner to Propel Fintech and Impact Investment in Singapore

Temasek Trust, MAS Partner to Propel Fintech and Impact Investment in Singapore

by November 14, 2023

Temasek Trust has recently entered into a strategic partnership with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) through a Letter of Intent, aiming to develop a unified fintech and impact investment roadmap, focusing on creating an interoperable technology framework. The framework is designed to enhance cross-platform collaborations, particularly between open technology-based platforms.

The partnership leverages the regional networks of both MAS and Temasek Trust, seeking to establish a broad design and framework for common platforms. The goal is to attract global capital to high-potential and high-impact opportunities within the region.

This initiative is expected to significantly boost investment, thereby accelerating the growth of the financial sector, fintech companies, and impact projects in Singapore and its neighboring regions.

A notable upcoming collaboration under this partnership is between the Fintech Lending and Investment Exchange (FLEX) and Co-Axis. FLEX is set to be introduced at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2023, supported by MAS, while Co-Axis will follow in 2024.

Both FLEX and Co-Axis, championed by Temasek Trust and its partners, will incorporate common processes like customer onboarding and key components such as project matching solutions. This alignment is anticipated to drive cost efficiencies and provide a seamless user experience, marking a significant milestone in the fintech and impact investment landscape.