Chubb Unveils Developer Portal to Enable Testing of Its Digital Insurance Offerings

Chubb Unveils Developer Portal to Enable Testing of Its Digital Insurance Offerings

by November 15, 2023

Chubb Studio has introduced a new developer portal to streamline digital insurance integration for its B2B2C partner companies and their developers. This development was unveiled at the Singapore Fintech Festival.

The new Chubb Studio developer portal allows developers to explore an extensive portfolio of digital insurance APIs, mobile SDKs and microsites.

Developers can use the portal to build new digital insurance campaigns and test their applications against a partner’s live APIs.

The portal also offers a user-friendly onboarding process, granting partners access to informative dashboards, integration documentation, and other essential resources.

With Chubb Studio, Chubb’s partners can seamlessly integrate insurance offerings, products, services, and claims experiences into their existing core offerings.

Chubb Studio facilitates digital distribution partnerships with organisations in various sectors, including banking, fintech, payments, e-commerce, retail, travel, transportation, mobility, communications, luxury, entertainment, and more.

The insurer said that it remains committed to enhancing the technological capabilities of its integration portal to provide a better experience for developers.

Sean Ringsted

Sean Ringsted

“Our partners’ technology teams now have one convenient place to access and discover our digital insurance value propositions across different verticals and products as well as a sandbox environment where our growing suite of APIs and mobile software development kits (SDKs) can be tested and experienced in real time.


This significant enhancement to Chubb Studio is the result of feedback from the technical teams of Chubb’s B2B2C partners around the world.”

said Sean Ringsted, Chief Digital Business Officer at Chubb.