Philippines Showcases Fintech Presence with Bagong Pilipinas Pavilion at SFF 2023

Philippines Showcases Fintech Presence with Bagong Pilipinas Pavilion at SFF 2023

by November 16, 2023

The Philippines has marked its presence at the Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF) 2023 through the Bagong Pilipinas: The Philippines Country Pavilion, an initiative championed by Fintech Alliance.Ph. The Pavilion marks the latest foray of Filipino fintech at the world’s largest fintech festival, with SFF having previously attracted over 62,000 attendees from 134 countries.

Representing the Philippines, the Bagong Pilipinas Pavilion showcases the country’s strong growth and active engagement in the fintech sector. This effort is a collaborative one, involving various top government and private entities coming together such as the Office of the President of the Philippines, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, and key departments and corporations.

Co-presenting the pavilion are entities like the Digital Banks Association of the Philippines and numerous Philippine banks and financial institutions, including digital banks Maya Bank, GoTyme, UNO Bank, UnionDigital, Tonik, and LANDBANK.

Lito Villanueva, the Founding Chairman of Fintech Alliance.PH and Executive Vice President at Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation, shared his views on the significance of this participation for the Philippines. He highlighted the event as a step towards enhancing digitalisation and showcasing Filipino talent and innovation globally.

Lito Villanueva

Lito Villanueva

According to Lito, this initiative is not just about demonstrating skills but also about exploring new development areas that could benefit Filipinos.

“Financially including Filipinos was the first step in this journey. The next step is connecting Filipinos globally through the power of digital finance which will catapult us to new heights and create new livelihood opportunities for Filipinos,”

he said.

“FinTech Alliance.PH is extremely proud to champion not only the unmatched resourcefulness and inventiveness of Filipinos in the Singapore FinTech Festival, but to tap new areas of development which will be a great push in alleviating the lives of our fellow Filipinos,”

Lito added.