OTSO Fintech Makes a Strong Impact at Singapore Fintech Festival 2023

OTSO Fintech Makes a Strong Impact at Singapore Fintech Festival 2023

by January 9, 2024

OTSO FinTech, a trailblazer in the finance technology sector, has proudly showcased its flagship product, SoFinX, at the esteemed Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) 2023. The festival, a hotbed for innovation and collaboration, was held at the Singapore EXPO from November 15-17 2023, drawing a global audience with its focus on the intersection of AI, Web3, and digital public goods in finance.

At the event, SoFinX stood out as a testament to OTSO FinTech’s commitment to providing pioneering solutions for the global trading community. The theme of SFF, emphasizing the role of AI in transforming financial services, echoed OTSO’s vision of integrating cutting-edge technology into its products. The company’s presence was a strategic move to tap into the wealth of opportunities for forging partnerships, exploring investment prospects, and engaging in critical industry dialogues.

OTSO Fintech Makes a Strong Impact at Singapore Fintech Festival 2023

The Success Story of SoFinX

SoFinX creates a collaborative ecosystem between two main players: Signal Providers, who devise and share trading signals with the public, continually refine their approaches, amass a following, and generate income; and Investors, who select and align with their preferred Signal Providers to execute trades based on those strategic signals. This dynamic creates an environment where Signal Providers enhance their earnings through successful strategies, while Investors streamline their trading activities for better efficiency.

Since its launch in November 2022, SoFinX has achieved a milestone of over $2 billion in trading volume as of June 2023. This marks an impressive 369% increase since its launch, illustrating the ecosystem’s dynamic growth and the financial community’s confidence in it.

Addressing the audience at the festival, OTSO FinTech’s CEO, Edison Tuan, showcased SoFinX as a unique copy trading system that not only boosts market liquidity but also provides transparent, instantaneous data to its investors. He emphasized that SoFinX leverages an extensive collection of actual trading data to guide investment decisions and allow financial experts and institutions to utilize their market acumen effectively.

Ruslan Salimov

Ruslan Salimov

Ruslan Salimov, CFO at OTSO FinTech Group, commented,

“Our engagement at the Singapore FinTech Festival is more than an exhibition, it’s a testament to our progress and innovation in the fintech space. The presentation delivered by our CEO on the capabilities and vision of SoFinX was a defining moment for our team, underscoring our pivotal role in steering the course of financial technology towards a more innovative and efficient future.”

Celebrating a Pre-A Funding Milestone

OTSO FinTech recently celebrated a gala night to announce the successful closure of a $3 million USD Pre-A funding round, a pivotal step towards expanding SoFinX’s global reach. This funding is anticipated to drive the platform’s innovative Wealth-Management as a Service (WaaS) through AI-driven data and the KOI (Key Opinion Investor) system, enabling investors to make informed decisions with a high success rate.

To learn more about SoFinX, visit: https://sofinx.com/