SoftServe to Showcase Generative AI Innovations at Money20/20 Asia

SoftServe to Showcase Generative AI Innovations at Money20/20 Asia

by April 22, 2024

SoftServe, a global IT consulting and digital services firm, is set to present its latest generative AI (Gen AI) technologies at the upcoming Money20/20 Asia conference.

The event, scheduled for 23-25 April in Bangkok, Thailand, will highlight innovative applications of Gen AI designed to improve efficiency and customer service in the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) sectors.

During the conference, attendees will have the opportunity to explore three new Gen AI-integrated solutions: the updated digital avatar Jade 2.0, a co-pilot for wealth management, and a tool for creating image and video content for digital marketing campaigns.

Jade 2.0 is an advanced digital assistant, built on SoftServe’s GAIDEX platform, that offers enhanced personalisation and interaction capabilities, making financial planning more intuitive and user-friendly.

Virtual assistant Jade 2.0 created with SoftServe’s GAIDEX

Meanwhile, the Gen AI Co-pilot for Wealth Management aims to bolster customer relations by enabling more personalised investment advice and reducing administrative workloads for relationship managers.

Additionally, SoftServe will demonstrate its Gen AI Image and Video Generator, which streamlines the creation of digital marketing materials, enabling faster campaign development and more tailored content across different platforms.

Different personas created using SoftServe’s Gen AI image and video generator for digital marketing campaigns

These tools are part of SoftServe‘s broader strategy to leverage Gen AI for advancing BFSI sector capabilities, aiming to drive market leadership and anticipate industry trends.

Dipen Mehta

Dipen Mehta

“These next-generation Gen AI-powered solutions are more than just tools – they’re part of our strategic partnership with BFSI leaders. Together, SoftServe explores unchartered territories in these industries, using Gen AI to propel customers toward market leadership by proactively anticipating market trends and establishing new benchmarks in financial intelligence. SoftServe forges credible, top-tier alliances to keep customers at the forefront of BFSI revolution.”

said Dipen Mehta, Head of BFSI, APAC.



Visit SoftServe at Booth #1009 during Money20/20 Asia.