Maybank Singapore Offers Goal-Based Investment From S$200

Maybank Singapore Offers Goal-Based Investment From S$200

by April 22, 2024

Maybank Singapore has introduced a new online investment service called Goal-Based Investment (GBI), designed to make investing more accessible.

This service allows customers to start investing from S$200, making it an accessible unit trust investment option.

The GBI platform enables users to set financial targets, evaluate their risk tolerance, and tailor investment strategies through Maybank’s website and app.

This initiative comes in response to a growing demand for tailored online investment solutions that cater to specific goals like retirement savings, educational funding, wealth generation, and passive income.

Using Maybank’s 24/7 online banking channels, customers can define their investment profiles through a risk-profiling questionnaire and choose from a wide array of unit trust funds.

The service also offers features like goal tracking and flexible investment options, including lump sum or regular contributions via direct bank transfers.

Additionally, Maybank has waived the sales charge on the first S$2,000 invested until 30 June 2024, enhancing the affordability of the service.

The GBI is also available in Malaysia through the MAE app and the Maybank2u website, part of the bank’s strategy to expand digital investment offerings regionally.

Alvin Lee

Alvin Lee

Alvin Lee, Country CEO of Maybank said,

“As we want to make digital banking more seamless and to empower customers to grow their wealth, Goal-Based Investment supports the ambitions of investors as we reduce the hassle and complexity of investing for them.


By providing an effective low-cost investment solution, customers can get started on their self-directed investment journeys to build their investment portfolios with tracking tools right at their fingertips anytime and anywhere.”