Episode Six and DCS Enables Fintechs to Launch Credit Cards in Weeks

Episode Six and DCS Enables Fintechs to Launch Credit Cards in Weeks

by April 23, 2024

Episode Six (E6), a payments and banking infrastructure provider, has teamed up with Singapore-based DCS Card Centre (DCS) has rolled out Credit Card-as-a-Service targeting fintechs in Singapore.

This collaboration enables fintech companies to issue their own branded credit cards directly from their customer interfaces.

Utilising E6’s advanced technology, the time required to launch a new credit card is significantly reduced from the typical duration of four to six months to just a few weeks.

The collaboration integrates the strengths of both companies into a single platform designed to overcome the regulatory, operational, and technical hurdles often associated with such endeavors, enabling faster innovation within the fintech industry.

The service includes a feature for creating virtual accounts that support deposits through bank transfers or digital assets using DCS tokens.

Initially available in Singapore, the plan is to expand this offering to other Asia Pacific markets.

John Mitchell

John Mitchell

John Mitchell, CEO and Co-founder of Episode Six said,

“Fintechs and other companies that leverage this solution will be able to reap all the benefits that a modernised cloud-native payment system can provide – resilience, scalability, and security.


Embedded finance is changing the way we interact with financial services and drive innovation in the industry.”

Ceridwen Choo

Ceridwen Choo

Ceridwen Choo, CEO of DCS Innov—a subsidiary of DCS launched in February 2024 to spearhead digital innovation—stated that the partnership is aimed at establishing a strong infrastructure to lead in embedded payments in Singapore and beyond.

“Embedded finance, especially card payments, is top-of-mind for fintechs wanting to scale their businesses.


E6’s robust APIs and presence in major countries globally, is well-placed to support fintechs and any other brands wanting to incorporate payments into their digital interfaces.”


Featured image credit: Edited from Freepik