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27 Most Valued World Fintech Unicorns, 8 From China

Business Insider Singapore, CBInsights, Funderbeam, and Crunchbase together have created the world’s fintech unicorns – fintech start-ups valued at over $1 billion.   Fintech Unicorns Worth $1 billion 27. Rong360, Chinese Financial Comparison Site Value: $1 billion | Raised: $258 million Founded: 2011 |  |

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Best Fintech IPO Infographic Ever. Insights from 2005

Financial Technology Partners did a research on U.S. Fintech IPO scence since 2005. The analysis details into: – $ Amount Raised in IPOs/ Sector Breakdown by Number – IPOs Since 2005 by Size, by Sector – Number & Amount Raised

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