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Traditional Insurance Companies Forced By Insurtech To Innovate In 2017

The insurance industry had given us amenities that we take for granted today. For instance, the fire station is the invention of insurance companies. After the Great Fire of London, insurance companies built the modern fire stations to fight fires

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MAS Unveils New Moves To Boost Fintech Sector in Singapore

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has announced a series of moves to boost fintech development in the city-state and strengthen ties with other Asian countries. This came shortly after MAS wrapped up its inaugural Singapore Fintech Festival, during which the

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Blockchain To Cause A ‘Profound Technological Shift’ In Banking, Insurance, And Beyond

Poised to transform the financial sector by increasing efficiency, transparency and security, blockchain technology could reduce banks’ infrastructure costs by US$15 – 20 billion per year by 2022, an opportunity that all major banks and financial institutions are eager to

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