Turning Your Home Smarter With Multi-User Geolocation Aircon Control

Turning Your Home Smarter With Multi-User Geolocation Aircon Control

by September 13, 2018

Ambi Labs, the makers of a smart AI-enabled air-conditioner (AC) control, Ambi Climate, announces its newest feature: Multi-User Geolocation.

Basically, the Multi-user Geolocation feature eliminates hassle and worries. Homeowners with Ambi Climate devices can now come home and automatically have the perfect AC settings. They can also go out without worrying about whether they or the next person who leaves the house will turn off the AC or not.

Ambi Climate’s geolocation features allow automatic switching on and off one’s AC based on the location of the owner’s phone relative to the location of the device. With the correct set up of the device’s location, owners could set what they’d like Ambi Climate to do if they’ve entered or exited the zone where their device is located.

Julian Lee

Julian Lee

“After months of hard work and making sure every need was answered, we’re happy to release our sought-after Multi-user Geolocation feature,”

says Julian Lee, CEO and Co-Founder of Ambi Labs.

“This new function gives you all the possibilities to seamlessly automate your life.”

With a basic concept of “Set and forget”, after setting preferences, modes and Geo-fencing radiuses – owners, and anyone they share their devices with, never need to think about it again.

With a “First In, Last Out” approach, these settings will be triggered by the first user arriving home and carry on until the last user has left – ensuring that everyone is covered.

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Good To Know

  1. Owners can set multiple rules and triggers to plan out their day and their AC schedule.
  2. They can create different rules with different radiuses and arrival/departure modes to match their needs, seasons or anything else they want.
  3. For the “First In, Last Out” scenario, all users of the device must have their location services turned on and make sure they have set up a Geo-rule for that specific location in order to be considered.
  4. If more than one Geo-rule is set for a device, by different users, the settings of the user who is arriving/leaving will be prioritized.
  5. Owners can turn Geo-rules on or off, and edit their radius as you desired.


Multi-user Geolocation is available for all Ambi Climate devices, which are available here