Control Your Drive: FBS Promotes Trading Risk Management and Presents Car to Malaysian Trader

Control Your Drive: FBS Promotes Trading Risk Management and Presents Car to Malaysian Trader

by October 19, 2023

FBS, a licensed global broker, rewards a trader from Malaysia with the keys to a brand-new Mercedes-Benz that he won in the FBS birthday promo earlier this year. The winners’ thought-provoking approach to trading inspired FBS to launch an insightful show, Control Your Drive, and raise awareness of risk management in trading. Control Your Drive is already available on the FBS’s YouTube channel.

As Andrew Heng, the winner of the FBS Ultimate Trading Birthday promo, shared with FBS the key take-aways of his trading journey, he named risk management and emotions control as the most essential elements of profitable trading. He particularly employed stop loss and take profit, and proper position sizing to make wise and balanced buy-sell decisions. Andrew’s example inspired FBS to film Control Your Drive and speak about the role of risk management through its show for traders.

FBS’s Control Your Drive is a carpool series consisting of three mini-interviews where experts compare trading risks with dangers and threats when driving:

To film Control Your Drive, FBS has brought together the winner of its birthday promo and esteemed experts from the fields of finance, psychology, and trading: Rebekah Ockens, business psychologist, Eduard Melkostupov, financial market analyst at FBS, and Spencer Li, a pro trader with over a decade of experience in trading and investing. During the drive, the winner and his passenger experts reveal that successful trading extends beyond strategies and analysis and hinges on effective risk management and emotion control. They also discuss trading tips and opportunities for growth.

Releasing Control Your Drive, FBS aims to equip traders with the tools they need to succeed and thrive in the dynamic world of online trading. Find more insights and valuable trading tips on the YouTube channel @FBSforex.